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Consulting Services

MAXMASS Construction Technologies can provide a range of consulting and advisory services for the Building Industry, Design and Product sectors, Policy Makers, Legislators, Building Developers and others with interests in the construction and development of the future built environment.


MAXMASS Construction Technologies extensive industry and market intelligence allows us to be able to provide advice and guidance on Concrete and ICF construction to a wide range of design and industry sectors, industry organisations, stakeholders and consumers.

Our knowledge of Concrete and ICF construction has been gathered in our professional design practice, project management oversight, university research, and in-depth critical analysis of construction methods in a number of natural disaster and post-disaster locations. We have the dubious advantage of being located in areas subject to extreme seismic activity, extreme flood, bushfire and extreme wind events, and involved with recovery and reconstruction activities. This information gathering has built a unique body of knowledge within our allied Research Design & Development studio, the SURI Project.

The built environment development research and analysis the SURI Project undertakes is also within a Sustainability and Resilience framework, providing unique insights into how alternative thinking can positively influence future directions in ecologically sound building practices. The technical aspects of our work are aligned with wide-ranging academic and industry research dedicated to theory, building sciences, products, systems, materials and resources.

Being based in an  ongoing seismically active region provides unique insights into what residential building failure is; why it happens; and what is needed, not only as replacement, but also the opportunities that exist to optimise construction overall for a significantly better quality future built environment.

By necessity, new building construction following disaster events demands better quality solutions that would seldom be considered important in a stable environment. Since these events require a new perspective for future building, opportunities emerge to frame design thinking across much wider subject boundaries and beyond the particular disaster environment. This means not only exploring better ways of developing future disaster-resilient built environments, but also defining new integrated building and living standards that are relevant and applicable in any location.

With our unique insights and relationships, MAXMASS Construction Technologies can provide a range of consulting and advisory services for the Building Industry, Design and Product sectors, Policy Makers, Legislators, Building Developers and others with interests in the construction and development of the future built environment.

Industry Consulting Services

Our specific knowledge of the technical, theoretical and practical characteristics of EPS formed concrete in domestic scale building development provides unique insight into many critical aspects of the ICF (Insulating Concrete Formwork) based concrete construction industries. Our knowledge spans across planning, specific design strategies, construction strategies, policy development, strategic positioning, marketing, and maintenance programs.

We can assist with a wide range of services from specific technical problem-solving to assistance with key aspects of product development and system integration; product perception, market positioning, and targeted information for manufacturing industries, government and regulatory bodies, and the public consumer. This can benefit the professional design sectors and wider construction industry sectors including material suppliers, product manufacturers, construction professionals and property developers.

Some specific areas we can provide assistance:

• Product evaluation and application across industry and regulatory sectors

• Product development for core product items

• Contributing and associated product development and refinement

• Manufacturing strategies

• Full or whole-system construction system development and refinement

• Market evaluation

• Market positioning

• Public education

• Professional training

• Logistics development

• BIM integration

• BIM and 3D CAD integration and application at design phases

• Engineering liaison

• Design education

• Sustainable construction strategies

• Performance evaluation

• Trade training and construction methodologies

• Materials flow and life-cycle analyses

• Sustainability and Resilience positioning and assessment

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any needs you may have and how MAXMASS Construction Technologies may be able to develop a program to assist you.

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Design is the activity that unleashes the true potential of ICF and Concrete construction. Everything starts with Design and the quality of the built product is determined with Design. A blank sheet of paper or a promise tells very little...

The design of Concrete and ICF buildings requires a specific skill set that recognises how a building is made. ICF buildings are concrete buildings first and foremost, not made from hundreds of connecting components as in traditional timber buildings, and are not buildings made simply of EPS parts. Design of ICF buildings requires a knowledge of how insitu concrete structures are constructed, and what reinforced concrete realistically can and can't do. Effective ICF design is approached from an industrial perspective of contiguous building elements, modular concrete forming components and specific construction processes. It forces a discipline on the Architect or Designer to consider a building as a complete system. This is an unusual approach for domestic scale buildings, but is a real advantage particularly in the ability to exploit the power of BIM (Building Information Modelling) technologies, and creating buildings with a greater sense of design flexibility.

Buildings designed for Concrete and ICF construction typically require Structural Engineering design input, however this is completely familiar to any Engineer competent in the design of insitu concrete buildings. The concrete structure in ICF and Concrete construction is exactly the same as any insitu concrete building and generally subject to the same structural concrete design codes and standards.

MAXMASS Construction Technologies offers comprehensive design services for ICF and Concrete building projects through our associated fully qualified and experienced Architectural practice.

The Design services are generally restricted to undertaking complete project design and technical documentation from concept through to completion, with consultant coordination managed by the Architect. This is necessary to ensure that the conceptual work is prepared correctly for the technical design and documentation stages, and the correct approaches are taken to developing the building model for compliance, building approvals and construction.

The architectural process is carried out using leading 3D BIM design software which is perfect for ICF and Concrete projects and helps ensure full coordination is maintained with other consultants for seamless integration of their various design components. 

MAXMASS Construction technologies can provide education and training to design professionals in the use of ICF and Concrete in design and construction, and advise on integration of this building technology into a variety of computer aided design environments.

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MAXMASS Project Management

ICF and Concrete Buildings are only as good as their design, and the best built outcome can only be achieved through well planned and executed project management. MAXMASS Construction Technologies can assist with Project Management services or advise on specific aspects of this type of construction to competent project management teams.

Concrete and ICF construction has massive advantages over many other methods of construction due to its inherently modular and process-driven characteristics. ICF and concrete requires a strict approach to the construction process, however it can be considered a logical and optimum combination of factory production and site assembly that can efficiently utilise existing infrastructure and mobilise an entirely new and additional human resource component. These factors can enable increased industry capacity.

Many current approaches to construction are becoming very complex and expensive to achieve and are reliant on increasingly skilled labour which is becoming a resource bottleneck. Pre-fabrication and factory-produced building elements are providing some solutions, however most production facilities have limited capacity and this can present problematic supply bottlenecks and reduced productivity in high-demand and high-volume building markets.

The MAXMASS approach to ICF and Concrete construction is designed to function as a new 'parallel but separate' construction industry. That approach provides new opportunities to establish fresh construction management strategies with potential for many built-in efficiencies for all phases of construction, encompassing everything from material source to logistics, to equipment and human resources to building completion and closing of the contract.

There can be many approaches to managing construction projects successfully, and this is further influenced by who is taking the role of Project Manager. MAXMASS Construction Technologies can provide project management services for many types of ICF and Concrete project from conception to completion or for structure only. We can also advise on critical aspects of the construction process and assist with management advice and insights that may clarify, demystify or help establish ICF and Concrete construction within an organisation.

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MAXMASS Education

Sometimes it is much easier to get a real grasp of a subject with a person working through the details with you. We are educators as much as we are advocates for Concrete and ICF construction and we can help with understanding the methods from a general perspective right through to the most intense technical detail. Ask us about our educational packages and how we may be able to assist.

Our research has revealed that while ICF and Concrete construction is gaining market share in some parts of the world, it has by no means reached anywhere near its potential market penetration. ICF and Concrete construction competes with both the traditional light timber frame building industry and more recent sectors focussed on various 'renewable' products and prefabricated systems. The sustainability, ecological credentials, and performance characteristics of concrete construction have not been articulated sufficiently or clearly to the domestic construction industry or consumer to influence and drive well-informed product and system selection. Subsequently, the ICF construction sector has only a very small market share in relation to many other methods of construction.

MAXMASS Construction technologies understand that to grow market share and awareness of the well proven advantages of ICF and Concrete construction across all consumer and industry sectors, well targeted, well presented and comprehensive education is necessary. 

MAXMASS Construction Technologies are in the business of developing awareness, acceptance and adoption of ICF and Concrete construction. Through education for design professions, building industry and consumer groups, increased market share can be achieved, new business opportunities can be developed, and the consumer can gain knowledge and access to exciting alternative products and solutions.

MAXMASS Construction Technologies can be engaged to provide specifically packaged educational and instructional services for all sectors, groups and industry stakeholders who have an interest in developing knowledge and opportunities with ICF and Concrete Construction.