What's behind the name?

The concepts that define our MAXMASS brand have been developed from our extensive knowledge of design and construction of buildings allied with comprehensive research carried out within our related Research Design & Development studio, the SURI ProjectThe primary objective of that work is to find new answers, methods and opportunities to address the rapidly growing need for new best-practice, higher performing next-generation residential building. 

Our approach is based on Design and Systems Thinking combined with concepts of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), Sustainable Construction (SC) practices and modern Resilience theories. Working within this unique framework confirmed that high-performance future building objectives can be effectively met with high-mass site-formed reinforced readymix concrete cast within lightweight EPS formwork.

MAXMASS is different because as the name suggests, it focusses on Maximising the use of solid Concrete Mass in buildings. This allows the replacement of many complex and problematic lightweight framed elements, and opens the door to expanded design flexibility, greater reliability and more durable structures. It also allows better integration of other structural products and systems, and very efficient industrial construction methods, workflow and management.

MAXMASS construction requires a different way of thinking and working, from the designer working in a digital BIM environment to the management of materials logistics chains and construction teams on site, But that is where the real advantage lies; in a comprehensively fresh, new and modern way of designing and constructing a better quality and more sustainable future residential built environment.

Systems Design Thinking + Architecture + Technology + Construction

MAXMASS - Maximum Mass

MAXMASS is a Licensed Registered Trademark

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When Concrete is a lot more than just Concrete...

Concrete is not a building material that excites most people. In fact they either have a love/hate relationship with it or just don't care. It is often described as grey, heavy, cold, unforgiving, restricting and unfairly perceived as unfriendly to the environment. No wonder people prefer not to live with it!

Curiously however, it is actually the most extensively used building material on the planet. It is estimated that 70% of the worlds' population live in concrete structures although surprisingly its use in single unit individual housing is remarkably low. Even with its enormous record of success in building construction and its robust structural credentials, it is just not the preferred first choice material.

Concrete needs an image change! 

In fact, well planned concrete use can positively contribute to a more sustainable, safer and healthier built environment for both humans and nature. Concrete is made from entirely inert raw materials of limestone, rock, sand and water. Even better, reinforced concrete is also completely recyclable, and both waste concrete and reinforcing steel can be fully recycled back into the resource and supply chain. These are among many excellent Ecological attributes.

Concrete is often referred to in design, engineering and construction as Mass, Thermal-Mass, High-Mass etc. Mass is an important word as it suggests solid, substantial, robust and durable which is exactly what concrete is. Houses constructed with maximised use of concrete have these qualities, and the people using them do enjoy inert, non-toxic, healthier, safer and more comfortable environments.

The ECOMASS™ concrete brand is designed to clearly convey both its authentic Ecological Credentials and its primary characteristics of structural and thermal Mass. ECOMASS provides a new image and perception vehicle for the consumer to embrace and the concrete industry to adopt. ECOMASS also describes a massive range of concrete products with a catchy name that even the most skeptic person can grasp.

ECOMASS  Concrete

Concrete Everyone Can Love!

ECOMASS is a Licensed Registered Trademark

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Forming Concrete Structure with Solid Air...

Our AIRFORM brand for EPS products identifies what the product is and what it does - AIR (air) - FORM (make or be made into a specific shape or form). 

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is 98% air and 2% styrene. Although EPS products appear to be solid, they are actually just air encapsulated in extremely thin and delicate connected bubbles of styrene fused together in the production of moulded products. These products can be very tough, flexible and durable for use in construction and are also a very effective insulating material for buildings.

In ICF construction, EPS components are assembled to form a mould into which concrete is placed. Once placed, the concrete structurally forms to the exact opposite of the shape of the EPS mould, which if left in place, becomes permanent Insulating Concrete Formwork or ICF. When considering that for a moment, thinking of EPS used as formwork for concrete is essentially forming concrete with air!  

EPS is an inert and non-toxic material used the world-over for safe food and product packaging, protecting humans, and insulating buildings from heat or cold. It's also used wherever a conveniently strong but lightweight material or product is needed to fill a gap.

As an EPS product brand, AIRFORM has a variety of applications across the building industry. It can be used for products dedicated to working as formwork for concrete structures or as shaped sheet or block products for void-forming or cladding, geoforming land, void filling, as insulating substrates for finishes, and many other tasks.

Moulded EPS products used in building construction can achieve waste minimisation techniques with such things as Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) practices, and at end-of-use can be completely recycled into new EPS or other plastic products. This directly contributes to reduced construction and demolition waste, reduced resource demand, and better environmental outcomes.


Shaped, profiled and modular products

Concrete Structure formed by encapsulated air

Lightweight Construction products of encapsulated air

Contributing to design and construction of next-generation buildings

AIRFORM is a Licensed Registered Trademark

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