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MAXMASS™ Construction Technologies Ltd. is connecting with built environment and industry stakeholders locally and across the world to invest in our work in refinement and development of well-proven ICF and concrete construction technologies for next-generation residential building. By resolving challenges, simplifying applications, filling technical gaps and demonstrating advantages, this business is the catalyst for change. It is innovative, timely, necessary, and disruptive; and our work is unique and comprehensive.

Our research confirms a large and growing market exists for housing product that more effectively satisfies increasingly exacting building regulations, is capable of increasing industry capacity, and provides verifiably better performing housing across all market sectors. With rapidly increasing housing volume pressure and an emerging need for ageing housing stock replacement, future demand for MAXMASS™ Products and Services is significant and robust.

MAXMASS Construction Technologies have taken the initiative to identify and respond to the many challenges building industry sectors face when developing new ideas and new strategies that can meet current and future housing compliance and increased production outputs. We  research, design and develop intelligent solutions that meet these challenges as well as paving the way for further innovations and enhanced building solutions utilising ICF and Concrete construction.

The significant potential of MAXMASS Construction Technologies business is primarily due to the extremely small market share that the combined ICF and Concrete construction sector holds and the influence of firming compliance regulations, building industry production bottlenecks and increasing market demand. These factors signal potentially large percentage market growth for alternative built product. As a one-stop facility for education, design solutions, product supply and technical innovation, MAXMASS is well positioned to both develop and service market growth potential.

Based on our extensive market and industry intelligence we have identified the need to address traditional pre-conceptions of alternative construction methods. Consumer response has revealed product recognition and informative, interesting, descriptive and cohesive branding was lacking across all aspects of ICF and Concrete construction. To resolve this we have established specifically targeted Registered Trademark Brand Identities to assist with more effective recognition and awareness of the system characteristics and product categories. 

Our mission is to grow business through a range of activities that activate markets, facilitate development, encourage new technologies and inspire people. However, for a small business such as ours to expand innovation and growth potential, maintain dedicated R&D activities and maximise market opportunities, investment, capital partnerships and industry collaboration is invited to assist in facilitating future progress.

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MAXMASS Construction Technologies invite expressions of interest, services requests and partnering proposals from businesses, organisations and individuals that understand the potential of our work and wish to explore business opportunities with MAXMASS Construction Technologies.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

 Trademark Brand Licensing

We also invite enquires from leading businesses interested in commercial Brand Licensing opportunities with our ECOMASS™ Concrete and AIRFORM™ EPS registered  trademark brands. These brand identities are specifically designed to create awareness and understanding of particular products and offer an alternative perspective for product marketing. ECOMASS in particular has wide ranging applications covering a vast array of core concrete products, applications and manufactured objects within its registered trademark category.

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MAXMASS Long-Term Vision

Development of an International ICF and Concrete Construction Research and Development Technical and Design Hub located in the South Island of New Zealand

MAXMASS Construction Technologies and our R&D studio The SURI Project are located in the South Island of New Zealand. While New Zealand may seem a remote country, it has sophisticated governance, is politically and economically stable and has well established technology and construction related industries. It is unique in having a wide variety of climatic conditions from cold alpine to sub-tropical, and for active testing and analysis of building durability it is also a very seismically active region. New Zealand is well connected to all parts of the world with effective communications and transport making knowledge exchange, business activities and remote project involvement easy. This location is both an advantage and perfect for a Research and Development Technical and Design Hub dedicated to the expansion of Concrete and ICF construction knowledge, research, testing and market development for businesses and industry stakeholders worldwide.