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Intelligent Solutions for Modern Housing

Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) and Concrete Construction 

Making Modern Architecture accessible to everyone.

MAXMASS Construction Technologies

The MAXMASS Construction Technologies business is a response to the growing and urgent need for new ways of constructing a future residential built environment that is more robust, resilient and capable of the performance expected of 21st century housing. Extensive research into existing housing stock, performance data and common building methods by our allied research, design and development studio revealed how better construction methods and standards of building and living can be achieved for current and future generations.

Of all the construction solutions studied including traditional building methods, pre-fabrication, timber and steel frame and many other hybrid methods of building, site-built Concrete  and ICF construction emerged as having by far the greatest potential for better built outcomes, improved construction industry efficiency, better cost control and greater design flexibility for modern housing options.

Concrete houses constructed with ICF repeatedly demonstrate their extreme durability and resilience in normal use as well when subject to extreme events such as earthquakes, floods, fire storms and extreme winds. They consistently demonstrate excellent thermal and sound insulation and exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance characteristics. Our research also revealed that well designed and built ICF and Concrete construction can produce some of the most sustainable, comfortable, healthy and safe residential buildings from single units to multi-unit and multi-floor.

While ICF construction is an established method of building, it can also be considered at a very early stage in its technical development cycle. Further development can help ICF become a truly disruptive technology and our mission is to facilitate that development through commercial R&D, product and brand development, and education.

ICF and Concrete construction is not well known or understood by the majority of consumers or the building industry outside of specific markets. 

Maxmass Construction Technologies is a proactive initiative building upon extensive research and experience, designed as a catalyst to arouse industry interest, activate market potential, increase consumer awareness and market penetration and facilitate further development activities and business opportunity.

We are Designers, Researchers, Technicians and Creators of new solutions across architecture, products, materials and markets.

Our resources are unique and our knowledgebase is extensive. We have identified what is needed, developed new perceptive brand vehicles and indentity for core materials, products and methods, and we are targeting and filling gaps needing specific development work.

We are intensely interested in expanding our own R&D activities and building business around these revolutionary and potentially disruptive buildng construction technolgies. 

Invest with us, collaborate with our activities, or utilise our products and services:

  • Industry leading Insulating Concrete Formwork products
  • Specialised EPS products, profiles, insulation and building elements developed in-house
  • Specialised construction equipment for ICF construction
  • Concrete product re-imaging and re-positioning
  • ICF and Concrete construction education, training and presentation
  • Marketing of products and systems within a comprehensive and cohesive message
  • Leading by example with building development activated in-house

Our new ways to understand...

Product and Brand Identity is an essential factor in establishing new products or ways of doing things, and in our case, to energise the Next Generation of ICF construction.

MAXMASS Construction Technologies' specifically developed Brands are designed to intelligently convey meaning, identity, and perception of ICF and Concrete construction products, systems and components with coherent, relevant, transparent and descriptive names.